Chinese fairy tales

Popular books of Chinese fairy tales :

  • 三个 和尚 Sān gè héshàng Three monks

    The tale is based on Chinese wisdom: “One monk will bring two buckets of water, two monks will bring one bucket.” Question: How many buckets of water can the three monks this book are about?
    The answer is available even for beginners because it contains pinyin.

  • 哪吒闹海 nézhā nào hǎi Nezha Conquers the Sea Dragon

    The story of the battle of the hero of Chinese myths Nezha (a tiny boy), also known as the “Prince of the Three Lotus”, with sea dragon (text contains pinyin)

  • 沉香救母 Chénxiāng jiù mǔ Chen Xiang rescues his mother

    Chinese folk tale of how Prince Chen Xiang split a mountain to save his mother

  • Eight immortals sail across the sea