YCT 4: textbook and workbook

Level 3 of the YCT written exam consists of 3 parts: listening (4 parts of 10 tasks), reading (4 parts: 1.2 of 10 tasks; 3.4 – 5 tasks) and writing (2 parts of 5 tasks). Test duration is 80 minutes. Required vocabulary: 600 hieroglyphs.

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  • Textbook and workbook “Standart course YCT 4”, author: Su Yingxia

    YCT Standard Сourse 4 – the next book in a wonderful series that allows you to prepare for the international exam in Chinese for children under 15 years old – YCT.
    Developed by Hanban and edited by Beijing Linguistic University. The textbook has a unique writing style, combining a scientific and entertaining approach to learning. Consists of 12 chapters. At the end of each chapter, a minitest awaits you. After studying this textbook, the student will be able to understand and use many Chinese words and phrases. The book is illustrated with pictures that complement the unique style of the textbook. The textbook is accompanied by a workbook and audio recordings.